NCAE Scope of Practice

The links below lead to pages which outline the scope of practice for the Ayurvedic Health Counselor and the Doctor of Ayurvedarespectively. Each of which is considered a Practitioner of Ayurveda. This linked documents also serve as the guiding standard for the development of more detailed educational guidelines and competencies. This linked pages allow for comparison and contrasting the two types of practitioners. Organization is as follows:

-General Information: 

This defines the two practitioners in the most general terms by defining the most basic scope of practice and

the general idea for education including internship.

-Abilities and Skills: 

This section describes the basic academic educational goals.

-Recommendations / Treatment/ Interventions: 

This section describes the nature of the interaction between the practitioner and the patient.

Comparison of Basic Educational Guidelines: 

The section provides an “at a glance” view that clearly delineates the differences between the two types of practitioners.

1. NCAE Scope of Practice Summary

2. Ayurveda Counselor

3. Doctor of Ayurveda